Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Lake.....

Do you remember the lake I show you as I saw it from the top of the small rock that I climbed? I visited that lake last Monday with my little girl. Though I call it a lake, the term "tank" is also used  by some. These tanks are from  a thousands of years old civilization, made with a technology that baffles modern engineers. The tanks were built in an environmental friendly manner and to be very very durable. Their purpose was to collect rain water for paddy cultivation in the dry zone of the country. Learn more...


There was not much vegetation along the banks of this particular one, there for the bird life was relatively mild. I did see some Turns and Swallows though. You can see the rock that I climbed in the below picture.


There were steps on the banks for people to get i to the water, and I got to the water's edge using one. There I saw some beautiful    fishes, and I captured them in video. The video turned out pretty lousy,but I thought I'd show you a anyway. My attempts to identify these fish online has been so far fruitless.


  1. That's wonderful that you can share that with your daughter. :)

  2. I love places like this, even with only little vegetation.
    It's still nice to recharge your batteries out in nature!

  3. Hi texwisgirl, Yes I always try to accompany her in my nature escapes for I believe every parent must prompt their kids to love nature.

    Nicole, Yes it's still nice to get all reviewed up by the magic of cool breezes,cleaner air what ever mother nature has git for us.


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