Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What I Saw Was............

        Do you guys remember me promising to post about something I saw on the top of the small rock that boarders my birding patch? I'm keeping my promise, and you are gonna hear the full story.  

        When I asked around for  a trail to climb that rock up, I was told of two different trails, well apart from each other. So I just picked one of them. I set off from home about 6:30 A.M. , walking towards the base of the rock, passing housing schemes and a troop of Dusky Toque Monkeys performing  acrobatics on power cables and roof tops. 

        The climb was pretty steep from the very begging,  but there was a decent layer of soil on the rock and enough trees to hang on to. But after a few yards the trees thinned out and I hit sheer granite rock. There were pygmied trees, shrubs and tall grass with razor-sharp blades, scattered over the rock where there was room on it to hold some soil. I somehow hanged on to them, and pulled my self up bit by bit, realizing what a eight-hours-a- day sedentary job can do to your body!  

       After much puffing,sweating, and getting scratched, I came upon a very small cave, the rock face covered with soil and small trees beyond that all the way to the top. As the sun was literally unbearable then, I squeezed in to the cave and rested a moment, and took this picture.



   The rest of the climb was not so bad, and I passed another small cave and fairly big trees.


But I was pretty hacked as I neared the top, but there was excitement and anticipation for I knew what awaited beyond the other side of the rock could make it up to me, and I realized I was right when I saw this! 



I could have gazed at that crystal lake, sitting comfortably on the rock, for hours, but had taken far too longer than anticipated,   so I reluctantly turned back. Obviously I took the other trail for the descend, which proved to be far easier! It was 11:30 when I finally landed on ground, and I was barely able to drag myself  for  a cold drink! I saw numerous butterflies,dragonflies, birds including the most stunning bird of prey that I ever saw, and Dusky Toque Monkeys. But I was too busy with my   hands at all these encounters, so no photos! :-(

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  1. What a gorgeous place!! Definitely worth the climb!! Superb captures as well! Beautiful world you have! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a wonderful week!


  2. Fantastic views! It was certainly worth the difficult climb!

  3. What a workout! but well worth the climb. Stunning photos. I would love to know what birds you saw!

  4. that is some view from up there. worth all the sweat of the ascent.

  5. Oh no photos of all those lovely critters?! But that lake is gorgeous! what a fantastic view!!!

  6. A wonderful hike (I'm glad I could come along while sitting on my sofa!). You had a fine reward at the top with that view. Good for you! I have an American friend teaching in Sri Lanka.

  7. Last two pictures are great.. Well worth the puffing,sweating, and getting scratched..isn't it?

  8. Wonderful adventurous trip. The view from the top is beautiful.

  9. Howdy folks? Your wonderful comments made my day!Happy to see new friends turning up! And hey, Kiri,Long time no see? Been hiking with Anjana again? He has been gone off line for a while too!:)

  10. les paysages sont magnifiques

    Publicity ;o) Every Friday (and the Weekend), The Challenge "Walk In The Street Photography"

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  12. Great captures!! The panoramic is my fave! I love to see pics of tree roots - they are fascinating...


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