Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mangroove Apple/Sonneratia caseolaris/කිරළ.. Thursday's Trees Meme # 3

A plant that occurs in wetland habitats, this provides a fruit that makes probably the most delicious juice in the whole world!   I took this photo while canoeing along Bolgoda Lake, more of that expedition on comming Saturday! Learn more about this plant....



  1. Oh Amita -- I am so excited to meet (virtually) someone from Sri Lanka!!! I scrolled down as far as I could to look at your lovely posts. And I see that egrets and some other birds that we have here in Florida are native for you as well. And we have a lot of mangroves. So I know a little about your climate now.

    You have beautiful photos. And I can see it is great canoing country. What about kayaking? That is something we want to start to do here.

    Thanks for visiting FT-L and I will definitely come back to your beautiful blog!!!!

  2. Hi texwisgirl, Yes,most plants and animals that are typical of wetland habitats are particularly interesting,mainly because of the adaptations they make to fit in.

    Sallie,Nice to have met you too! I believe Kayaking is available at some places in Sri Lanka too. I've realized Florida is kind of tropical too. I'm glad that you found my blog interesting!See you again soon! :)


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