Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday's Trees # 1

Mimosa pudica/නිදිකුම්බා

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  1. I love it ! We have members of the Mimosa gensu her ein teh USA, but their blossoms are more fan shaped than sphereical. Thanks for the cool post!

    Amila, I was curious after seeing all the reports on the Japanese tsunami if you were affected my the Indian Ocean Tusnami of 2004? If so, how have things recovered since then?

  2. Hi texwisgirl,Thanks for your feedback!
    John, Yes we were terribly hit by that tsunami. The damage to property has been almost completely recovered by now,by public commitment(we are a nation that has an upbringing with a strong sense of compassion,government,help from overseas including your country and various organizations. But the loss of lives and those who went missing,well......there were some people who went missing,turned up later some where,but never made it back to their families,their trails gone cold!

  3. Love the post, Amila! I will have to keep this in mind for next week... I don't have anything to link up this week, but love the idea.


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