Tuesday, September 7, 2010

When Your Subjet Really Decides To Cooperate..................

Today I arrived home around noon, very exhausted after running some errand in Kandy. I was gonna have a quick shower and hit the bed for a nap, but this Scarlet Basker Dragonfly Urothemis signata signata ,that  caught my eye the moment I entered the garden,  made me change my mind. The next thing I remember doing is grabbing the camera and clicking away madly at the dragonfly, oblivious to my wife's fuzzing over my lunch getting cold. But it was all worth the trouble, for this particular Scarlet Basker literally posed in front of my camera!  The whole garden was flooded with blazing sunlight, and this critter was on a twig,calm and contempt, obviously enjoying the hot sun.  This proved the fact that Scarlet Baskers love sun bathing, the habit that has given them their name.      


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