Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Moth In A Combat Uniform!

            I have had to part with my camera for a while, and not been able to make a post to this blog so. During this time I had close encounters with few very interesting butterflies that I have never photographed before ans also observed a Small Civet(Viverricula indica) for the first time in my very neighborhood. This really unusual looking moth was spotted by one of my workmates  at our hospital today. When he showed it to me a bell ranged in my head. Another specimen of the same weird bug was observed at a hospital in the southern part of the island and a photo was published on a local news paper a week two ago, but no identification of the critter was given in that article. I just burrowed a cellphone from another friend to take this photo, so quality is obviously poor.

The Moth In A Combat Uniform!Image by roosterfeather via Flickr

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  1. Amazing!! I adore camo! This creature is quite impressive: the design and functionality + exquisite beauty = a true masterpiece...

  2. :O
    I think I photographed the same kind of moth in 2006
    Found in our garden and took it inside and photographed

    have a look

    Do you have any idea what it is??

  3. Nice hawkmoth sp Amila. Looks quite similar to our Eyed Hawkmoth.
    Congrats on spotting the Small Civet too



  4. Hi Amaris, Glad that You like it,thanks!
    Hi Shenya ,I looked at your image,yes it did look the same,thanks for sharing.
    Hi Kiri,Yes,the news paper article I mentioned described it as an STF moth!
    Hi Davo, Thanks for helping with the identification, I only have to know what the exact species now!


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