Sunday, September 5, 2010

Grey Pansy Butterfly( Junonia atlites)

This Grey Pansy butterfly that I photographed in my garden today was a very operative subject. Apparently it liked the prospect of appearing online for the world to see. There was too much sunlight though, it was nearly noon.   The pics were some what over-exposed and I used Picnik's auto fix tool on that.


  1. Nice pics but I but I wonder which person gave the butterfly that English name!

    If you'd misspelt 'gray' without the 'r' that would have been funny........

  2. Hi Stu, Oh yeah :-D. See I already misspell it in the title. It's Grey,not Gray. I've corrected it. Many of these names were given by western scholars.

  3. Sorry Amila for my original comment, I should explain..........'pansy' is British English slang for an effeminate man so if you'd missed off the 'r' it would have been 'gay pansy'!! Sorry again, it was late when I left that comment............I now see how confusing it looks.

    I think both 'Grey' and 'Gray' are both OK, the latter is the American spelling I believe.

  4. Hi Stu, There's nothing for you to be sorry or explain my friend,a bit of humor here and there is good for all of us. Your comment did make sense,but I was too concerned with the spelling of the title to enjoy the humor.You'd think I have a poor sense of humor,wouldn't you? Pleas feel free to share anything funny in your comments. I like jokes! :-)


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