Friday, September 3, 2010

Blue-eared Kingfisher, (Alcedo meninting)

There were three of these birds at the dirty canal I talked about earlier. They were extremely vary of me at first and took flight when I got barely close enough for a video. But I observed that they came round every time.   Then I realized why. They were feasting on  Thilapia  Juveniles which were swarming that part of the canal. So I decided to hang around a little, hoping they would get used to me,and they did. Eventually, I was able to get as close to them as teen feet, roughly. But these kingfishers being quite small, even that wasn't close enough for my camera to make a well zoomed and focused footage, but this turned out a little better than my earlier video of the same species. I 'll keep trying, with them as well as White-breasted Kingfishers.   


  1. Hi Amila - nice bit of footage today and yesterday's beetles. Your kingfisher looks very like ours A.atthis



  2. Hi Amila,

    You always come up with something very interesting and unusual!


  3. Wow, what beautiful colors. The blue is so pretty. Reminds me of our Blue Jays up here on the mountain. :)

  4. I like wild life becouse I love animal and birds so this blog is very useful for me..Thanks for nice post..

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  6. Hi Davo, Thanks,and yes,Common Kingfisher looks similar to Blue-eared Kingfisher,they belong to the same genus.Wikipedia says there is a subspecies of A.atthis in Sri Lanka too,A. a. taprobana.

    Hi Ron and Pawzy , Thank you!

    Hi Tuscany, Well come to my blog! Pleas do visit again.

  7. It also reminded me of "our" Kingfisher A.atthis. You got very close, nice! I have only got close to one in a hide. Usually they'll fly around me in big circles and never get used to me.


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