Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You Made Me Happy When The Sky Was Grey.............

After about two weeks of bright sunny days, the gloomy,drizzly weather has begun again. Good times don't last! Sigh. I've had to opt for traveling to and from work  by bus instead of walking, and it kills me to see increasing bird activity all around as the spring is slowly approaching, without being able to take my camera and and go about photographing them.   My parents told me a couple of Red-vented Bulbuls/Pycnonotus cafer/ෙකාණ්ඩ කුරුල්ලා were building a nest inside their very room at my old place and my cousin brother told me a Black-hooded Oriole/ Oriolus xanthornus/කහ කුරුල්ලා was building one in a very-easy-to-photograph spot in his garden! As I was just on my way to sign off duty yesterday this Rose-ringed Parakeet/Psittacula krameri/රැන ගිරවා came to perch on  a very small tree and stayed just long enough for me to take a snap. As it was quite gloomy I shot with increased exposure, just  a little too much. I had a touch it up with Picnik's auto fix feature to make it a little more presentable. Wish me luck for fair weather soon, my dear readers, it's the best time of year for birding!

Rose-ringed Parakeet/Psittacula krameri/රැන ගිරවා

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  1. Fingers crossed here for better weather as you have a nice eye for finding the delights of the natural world around you. I also like learning what wildlife exists around you in Sri Lanka as it's a country I know little of biologically. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Still a pretty nice picture!

  3. Hi Stu,I'm glad that you find it nice. Thanks for your feedback!

  4. I like it too!

    Yeah, let’s wish for some better weather here! But looks like it’s not going to come that easy :(

  5. Hi Anjana,Thanks for stopping by buddy! Seems like we humans have finally pushed nature too far, huh?

  6. Yes, but we have no idea to stop it either? Isn’t it?


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