Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Giant....................

I took these shots as I was leaving for work this morning, just a few meters away from home. These big fluffy fellows are abundant in the neighborhood,  though not very easy to photograph. These Grizzled Giant Squirrels/Ratufa macroura/දඩුෙල්නා grow as big as a domestic cat,roughly. They cause considerable  destruction to the garden crops around, fruits and coconut that is, and are considered pests by everybody. But they have no choice, being stranded in a block of land bordered by a highway, a railway line and a paddy field,  with homes scattered over and  a two abandoned gardens. Luckily this particular land is well wooded and the human occupants satisfy by chasing the squirrels away from their garden when ever they can  and tolerating the inevitable loss of crops. But in some places, specially where people grow fruits and coconuts for a living, the situation is very different, I know that for a fact!

Grizzled Giant
Squirrel/Ratufa macroura/<font face=


  1. Awesome captures machan!

    It’s always sad to see these animals losing their habitat and wander in to the unsafe areas.

  2. I nominate Grizzled Giant Squirrel as the coolest mammal name in the English language...........

    Great photos!

  3. Wow! These squirrels are SOOOOOO different from thsoe we ahev here in North America! The marking almost remind me of a South American sloth! Thanks for broadening my horizons again!

  4. Hi Anjana,Thanks a lot මචං! I believe an island wide wildlife gardening project along with awareness promoting would cover up much of this habitat issue,but since it doesn't seem to happen soon, we individuals should do what ever we can. Simple things like planting a tree and fixing up a bird feeder could make a difference,you never know!

    Hi Stu, I agree about the name, and I know that you don't like the animal itself much,he he! :-) Many thanks for stopping by and commenting,mate!

    Hi John,I think our Three-stripped Palm Squirrel looks similar to your squirrels. I believe there is a few species of squirrels here,and I'll bring them on hopefully in the future, along with con-specifics and sup-species of Giant squirrels.

  5. What charming shots of these lovely playful creatures!

  6. Such a unique looking squirrel! And great photos as well! Have a great day!

  7. Hi ladyfi and Adam, I'm glad that you enjoyed my post!

  8. I adore squirrels, but had never heard of this species. They are very cute! I agree that the markings are similar to that of a sloth. Are there known cases of people taking care of these squirrels as pets? In North America we have similar animals (in that they are abundant & trapped in our society, though not “welcome”) that are viewed as "pests" by the majority of the population, but i find them absolutely adorable: raccoons. There have been cases where abandoned babies were raised as pets, and were a great addition to the family. One other question: is rabies a concern? It is for raccoons in N.A.

    Great post & pics!

  9. Hi Amaris, Yes people used to keep them as pets,but now it's a near threatened species,it's not allowed I think. But some people might still be doing it. Rabies is a concern in Sri Lanka because of the great many stray dogs,and public is encouraged to be given anti-rabies vaccination if bitten by any mammal that can't be monitored. I love raccoons,only seen them on the tube,but I do love 'em!


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