Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vivid Colors

I first spotted this beautiful critter on  a Ervatamia divaricata (Linn)  in my garden one day, and it had shifted to a Thibbatu ?Solanum violaceum Ortega next to it. After that it was nowhere to be seen, probably fell pray to a bird. Could any of you guys tell me which butterfly this caterpillar belongs to?   



  1. I'll bet it would have been a real beauty with wings, as it is quite impressive even at this stage. Great capture!

  2. Hi Amaris,I also think the butterfly must be a real stonker. Pity I didn't get to observe its development.

  3. Hi Amila - that's a hawkmoth caterpillar - my knowkledge of Sri Lankan or even Asian Hawkmoths is zilch but saw one in Borneo that was HUGE as big as my hand, ours are only 5-6cm wingspan max - got a none digital pic somewhere



  4. Hi Davo, Many thanks for the info! It must be of the hawkmoth that I posted some time ago.


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