Sunday, January 16, 2011


Allow me to present some spiders that I've captured this week.

spiderImage by roosterfeather via FlickrI used to see to see this strange looking spiders back at my old place when I was a kid, and it was years till I spotted another  in Kurunegala.

This one was on a permanganate plant in my garden.

spiderI photographed this spider inside our house. This common species inhabit the house holds and don't seem to spin webs.

spider This very colorful spider was in a well wooded home garden a little further way from Kurunegala.

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I have not been able to pin down proper identifications on any of these spiders, but I'll try as usual. Any help from you dearest readers are much appreciated.

On next post, Quack Quack!........     Stay put!


  1. Beautiful shots there!

    Thats the first one :D
    found in

  2. Sharp shots, what camera are you using Amila, now-a-days?

  3. Hi Surahith, I'm using an Olympus SP 800 UZ. I'm impressed with it, but all the images of this post were taken without a tripod,and it is impossible to focus without a tripod,if you use macro mode or high zoom,as the sensor is sensitive to the slightest camera shake. I had to touch up all these photos with photo editors to make the, look like this,and they are still not so good.

  4. Hi Shenya,many many thanks for the link!:-) Now I know the first one is a (Gasteracantha geminata) Spiny orb-weaver spider.

  5. Well Amila, my hands shake even with a 5x!

  6. I too saw the first type in my home after many years. See here.

    Thanks to you and Shenya for the identification.

    I think the last one is a Golden Orb Web Spider (Type Nephila). They grow quite big. Like this specie found in Sinharaja.

  7. Hi All, My friend Ruchira at Lakdasun has identified the third and fourth spiders in this post as Domestic Huntsman Spider - Heteropoda venatoria and Giant Wood Spider - Nephila maculata . Hi Kiri, Yes I saw that post of yours.

  8. Nice post!

    Every time I get in to trouble while identifying these spiders :D don’t know why they all look somewhat similar (Like the one in the last pic)

  9. Hi Anjana,Thanks,and yes,spiders are particularly tricky to identify.

  10. The last spider looks similar to a poisonous wood spider that we have in Texas. Ours isn't quite as pretty, though. It has a less flamboyant black & yellow coloring, and grows quite large.

    Great pics, Amila!!

  11. Good to know all of them identified properly :)


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