Monday, December 20, 2010

Jerdon's Bull Frog (Hoplobatrachus crassus)

I saw this frog in  Shan's garden about two weeks ago, and got him to take a few snaps for me. I had never seen one of those before, so I uploaded this photo here and requested an identification. My friend  Ruchira then confirmed it was a  Jerdon's Bull Frog (Hoplobatrachus crassus).
Shan, Ruchira, Thank you Guys!
Jerdon's bull frog (Hoplobatrachus crassus)


  1. Great capture and thanks for sharing!

    Does it dig holes itself? Is that something common to all frogs?

  2. Hi Anjana, Thanks mate, I don't think it digs holes, it's a crab hole you see in the picture. There were a good many of them in holes in the very garden at that time,as usually happens after rainy weather. When we try to capture them, they retreated deeper in to the holes so we gave up trying. I don't know whether any frog digs holes,I think not.

  3. Yes, it’s not something that I heard of too. I was just curious cos it stays near this hole :D

  4. Nice photo. I'd like to see the belly it looks light green :-)

  5. What does he do near a crab hole?

    Trying to own the place?

  6. Hi dreamfalcon, Thanks,I'll try to photograph it's underside if can catch another one.

    Hi Kiri,It was having a go at a que of ants passing by, but heaven knows,owning the pace would have been an idea too! :-)


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