Friday, December 10, 2010

Another Beautiful Flutterer

It feels so good to make a post after along time! This Yellow Orange-Tip(Ixias pyrene cingalensis) was photographed my good buddy Shan, who told me I could post it here.  I have news for you guys, very soon I'll have a new camera(nothing fancy though) and be back to posting all the interesting critters I see around! :-)

Yellow Orange-Tip(Txias pyrene cingalensis) Butterfly

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  1. Welcome back Amila - that butterfly is very like our Clouded Yellow



  2. Hi Davo, Thank you, Yes they look remarkably similar!

  3. Nice shot!

    Ahh that’s a great news. Looking forward to see the cam and your wonderful captures too… :D

  4. Hi Anjana, Nice to see you on my blog,yeah I too can't wait for my new toy!

  5. Hi Amila, nice to meet you again. Nice photo... looks somewhat like 'common grass yellow' ( which is very common here.
    And congratulations in advance for your new camera!

  6. Hi Surajit,Thank you my friend! Yes it looks similar to Common Grass Yellow,which is a common species in Sri Lanka too.

  7. Hi Kiri,Thanks,the credit goes to my friend Shan who took this pic with a cellphone cam! :-)


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