Monday, October 25, 2010

Today In The Garden....................

Hi all, it's been some time since my last post, for my faithful point-and- shoot is no more. :-(  It'll take some time to have a new toy. I'm doing a bit of wildlife gardening till then. Here are some critters that I captured in the garden today with a cam a friend of mine lent me. I've mot identified some of them, and let you know if I do.  I'll be grateful if you could help me there too.

Yellow-Billed Babblers(Turdoides affinis)

  Three-stripped Palm squirrel


Variable Flutterer Dragonfy

 Chocolate Soldier butterfly










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  1. Hi Amila
    I can help you to identify some of above species
    1) Unnamed Damselfly is a female Marsh Dancer ( Onychargia atrocyana),rather uncommon damselfly of wet zone and lower hills.
    2) Butterfly - Baron[probably a male] (Euthalia aconthea)Common butterfly of all over the island. Food plants are Mango and Cashew.
    3)Frog - Common paddy filed frog (Fejervarya limnocharis)Very common frog of paddy fields and such aquatic habitats both in dry and wet zones.

  2. Hi Kiri,Thank you!

    Hi Bushana,Many thanks for helping me identify them critters.

  3. Hi Amila
    You are welcome!!!:)
    For more details/image on Baron please visit relevant page in my blog

  4. Beautiful creatures. I love the butterfly with the white wings and these little marks, it looks huge!

  5. Hi dreamfalcon, Thanks,that butterfly was not small at all,though "huge" is not the term I'd use for its size. :-)

  6. Wonderful shots!
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