Friday, August 6, 2010

White-breasted Waterhen

This video is the result of weeks of waiting and observing one single spot near a paddy field in Kurunegala. On the route I've chosen to walk between my workplace and home is a big shallow hole close to a rice field that gets filled by the rain in the rainy season. That's where I saw an opportunity to have a go at a  White-breasted Waterhen(Amaurornis phoenicurus), locally known as Korawakka . But it was no easy task. These birds will remain in the open as long as I leave them alone, but dash in to hiding if I so much as  just look at them. But today in the morning I got lucky with one. Having made a couple of videos, I moved on for work. Although it was pretty hot and humid when m,y work was over, I decided to walk home with out taking a bus, hoping I'd be lucky again. And this time there were two of them. I couldn't get the two together in the video though. Like some scientific information of this bird?   


  1. Great job! Persistence paid off. God bless.

  2. Hi Amila, do you use a video camera or the video mode on an slr?
    Nice bird



  3. Patience usually pays dividends. Well done Amila.

  4. It's always great to finally get the chance of seeing a bird! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi all,many thanks for your compliments!

    Davo, I use a Panasonic compact digital camera with 8.1 MP resolution and 3x optical and 4.8 digital zoom on still mode and 12x digital zoom on video mode. I hope to get a Canon Powershot S20X IS soon. A DSLR is way beyond my budget though that's the ideal thing for this wildlife stuff.

    dreamfalcon, Welcome to my blog! Hope to see you back soon.

  6. Interesting bird, it is found only in the subtropical south of Japan where I never venture.........

    If you're looking for new camera I'd think about the Fuji HS10 perhaps.

    A second hand DSLR and a Sigma APO 70-300 could be had for $300-S400 on ebay, the same price as a superzoom and with much better image quality. If it's secondhand it'll be a little old so now video though........

  7. Hi Stu, I didn't know they were found in Japan at all. Thanks for the camera tips,do you know any reliable vendor to buy a cam/ I'm not sure about buying electronic goods online.


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