Saturday, August 28, 2010

Know what this spider is?

I took this photo yesterday. This spider was on a  really impossible place by a roadside, on a web spun among some grass. However I tried, I couldn't make a well focused shot at this one. I couldn't bring myself to discard all those images though. I chose one of the least crappy ones, had a go at it with Picnik's auto fix tool. Then I did some tweaks to the background with my favorite Gimp, and here's the result. I've uploaded this image here on Lakdasun forum for possible identification. Pleas do tell me if you know what this species is.  


  1. Hi Amila

    Nice spider - no idea what it might good at UK spiders - how big is it?



  2. Hi Amila,

    I think he belongs to Golden silk orb weaver category but not sure on the exact species name.

    How big is he?


  3. Cool pic! :)

    There is a site that may hold the answer to that question. It's called "What's That Bug?"

    Just submit your pic & pertinent info - i have used them in the past, myself. :)

  4. Hi Davo, Let's say from head to the end of the abdomen 1 1/2 or 2 inches. Thanks for stopping by!

    Hi Kiri,Thanks mate,it indeed is a Golden silk orb weaver as you said. I've identified it down to the genus Argiope,following your clue. I think it's Argiope aemula. Know what,Bushana might turn up any moment now,let's see what he says.

    Hi Amaris, Thank you for stopping by and giving that tip. I'll give "What's That Bug?" a try.

  5. Amila,
    I think you have come closer, I too would like to know the exact species.

    '' is a very good site. It helped me too.

  6. Due to the under surface, abdomen having a median longitudinal white line bordered by two lateral lines my guess is the family of Psechrus alticeps


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