Friday, July 9, 2010

A Small Stretch Of Forest In The Middle Of City Of Kurunegala-3, Juvenile Spotted snakehead Fish In A pond

There is a pond on the way to the top of the Ethugala Rock, in the wood in the side of the path. When I crawled under the bush and had a look at the water, there were hundreds of tiny Spotted snakehead fish   (Channa punctata). We call it Madakanaya or Madakariya in Sinhalese. You can have more information on this freshwater fish here.  

Freshwater fishes of Sri Lanka

Well, that's all I've got to share about the small forest that surrounds Ethugala Rock, for the time being. That's somewhere I visit often, so I'll probably be able to tell you what other kinds of  critters inhabit the forest, with time to come. Await some butterflies on next posts! 


  1. Having had success with our butterflies today - about the size of your thumbnail - we're looking forward to some tropical ones.



  2. Hi Davo,
    That's good news. I'll be posting some butterfly vids pretty soon,already made some!


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