Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Small Strech Of Forest In The Middle Of The City Of Kurunegala -2, Toque Macaque Monkeys This Time

Toque Macaque  monkey (Macaca sinica ) Aka Rilawa is endemic to Sri Lanka. I saw this small troop near the top of Ethugala Rock. It is almost impossible to pass a troop of them without  bribing them with food. These dare devils snatch anything edible from the hands of the travelers. It's a common occurrence at every travel destination with these monkeys. I feel  very uneasy thinking what kinds of food find their way in to these monkey's systems, as travelers happen to carry all kinds of food with them. It must have been people who gave the macaques a taste of picnic snacks by throwing tidbits at them. 

You will find some very interesting facts about these monkeys here, here, and here, they are world famous!


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